Mobile Personal Training Based In Manchester

Group Personal Training Sessions

Session Options Of 30 mins, 45 mins & 1 hour

Train Outdoors, In Your Home Or At Your Work Place

Fun, Tailored Workouts To Meet Your Specific Fitness Goals

Full Nutrition Support - Advice, Diet Programming & Tracking

Stay Accountable - Weekly & Monthly Check-in's

Professional Body Fat Tracking

Specialist Help - Pre/Post Natal, Muscle Rehab, Posture & More


what exactly is mobile personal training?

My clientele want to look and feel better about themselves but with most client's having a demanding and busy schedule it can be very hard to squeeze in keeping healthy. At PT with Johnny I make my client's lives easier by coming to them and training them in their homes, the park or their places of work, it really takes the stress out of keeping fit.

With my ten years of experience in the health industry I will help formulate a tailored effective workout and diet program for your individual needs. Choosing from a repertoire of over 200 fun, safe and effective exercises ranging from beginner to advanced level I will help you get where you want to be in no time at all! We will also work as a team through your diet regime to help benefit your health in every way possible and make sure you achieve your goals in 3 months to a year.

You'll be surprised what visual results you can achieve in just a month after doing a few sessions  a week.

I have a session to fit every client's needs. You can chose from 30 minute, 45 minute or hour personal training sessions. 

Why do my client's love their mobile PT sessions?


Simply put because I make the most of their time by providing quality, professional and results based training that fits into their lifestyle.

Stretching Together

How do I get you great results?

#1 – A passionate, results targeted trainer.

From the first consultation to the end goal 'check in' I'm here by you side, on call giving you every piece of knowledge and advice to help sculpt you into the person you want to be. My Personal training is personal so every chance I get to make a dramatic impact on your fitness journey I will do just that. I will be there to help you adapt to every challenge that comes your way, whether it's lifting heavier weights in our sessions, performing with better posture or trying a new routine with your diet. I love putting your needs and results first.

#2 – Mind-set, nutrition and tailored exercise programs.

I will get you focused, determined and really into your training. Having the correct mind-set is crucial to getting excellent results in your fitness training. I promise to boost your confidence in fitness and get you believing that anything is possible. With my years of experience and knowledge you will be taking off in no time at all. Once your mind is in the right place you will attain the power to build a fit and strong body under any constraints or conditions.

There will be ongoing nutritional support from me throughout the journey which will ensure that you are not missing any vital elements from the equation. You will have me on-call, a message away or at your finger-tips during a session to give you all the motivation you will ever need to make this a life changing experience.


#3 – Fun, varied and never the same workout.

This is the true definition of what each and every session should be. I promise to keep the joy in exercise for you, helping you to de-stress, re-energise and feel great after every session. From my large ranging repertoire of different exercises I will make it a priority to keep our training sessions interesting, never boring and always action-packed - I think you will enjoy my personal touch that I have added to the many various exercises I know and hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised whilst learning a few new moves.



What's in a Personal training session?

What can I offer you in a 30 minute, 45 minute or 1 hour session?

  • Stretching/Flexibility

  • Specialist support for pre/post natal women

  • Muscle rehabilitation of previous injuries

  • Strength & conditioning 

  • Fat loss and toning

  • Nutrition advise and programming

  • Tip's on exercises you can learn and practice at home

  • Posture correction and muscle rehabilitation

  • Body tracking (body fat calipering, measurements, weigh-in's and progress pictures)

  • A wide variety of fun and innovative exercises

  • Core training and functional training

Diet advice & Program's

Nutrition plays a rather large part in achieving anyone's fitness goals. I'm sure you'd be happy to know I have plenty of experience in this field of expertise. Having a good diet doesn't mean you will never have a slice of cake again, it just means every now and then we will make small adjustments to your eating habits to get the best results. I will be here every step of the way to advise and guide you through your eating habits, creating you a vibrant and mixed diet plan specifically for your needs. Never fear, you will be looked after in every aspect.

Personalised 1-1 PT

It's personable, tailored and specific to your every fitness requirement. You will taken on an exciting journey of self-discovery and improvement by learning the vital key principles on how to train effectively and to ultimately get results. Having me by your side at all times to give on-call guidance and support will make this experience truly enjoyable and successful. 


Group or couples training can be a great and fun way to enjoy keeping fit.

I cater to client's who wish to have a friendly face by their side. Perhaps you need the extra encouragement or that comfort factor to push you further than you would alone. It's also a fantastic way to save money and split the cost of Personal Training.

Practising Yoga


Running Man

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