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  • Johnny Roberts

20 way's to get a better sleep and feel re-energised

  1. Get more 'morning sun' - Waking up and going straight outside to absorb the sunlight has been proven to reset your circadian rhythm

  2. Get as much full body sun in the day where you can

  3. Reduce ALL lighting at night

  4. Don't eat at least 3/4 hour before bed

  5. Keep yourself cool at night

  6. Reduce your nervous system activity - limit the amount of caffeinated drinks you consume throughout the day and also limit strenuous physical activity close to bedtime

  7. Stop working an hour before bed and let your central nervous system relax

  8. Make sure you are getting a balanced diet during the day

  9. Try some meditation

  10. Get into a good routine of waking up and going to bed at the same time everyday

  11. Use a good and comfortable mattress

  12. Make sure you are in complete darkness when you go to bed so that your body can produce as much of the hormone 'Melatonin' as possible

  13. Supplementing with Magnesium before bedtime has been shown in studies to improve sleep quality

  14. Supplementing with 'L-theanine' before bedtime improves your body's ability to produce a hormone called 'GABA' - This hormone is responsible for relaxing and calming the central nervous system

  15. Using Aromatherapy to help you sleep can be quite effective - one essential oil that has been shown to be very effective at relaxing the body is 'Lavender'

  16. If you are able to grab a massage just before bed this can be very helpful

  17. Have a hot bath before bedtime

  18. The herb 'Passion flower' has been shown to be effective and soothing your nervous system via the GABA pathway

  19. Camomile tea has been shown in studies to be effective at inducing feelings of calm before bed - this is mainly due to it also increasing levels of GABA within your body

  20. Be outside as much as possible in the day in order to obtain enough bright light

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